Thursday, October 24, 2013

Schwan's Fundraiser

Here you can find the details for the Schwan's Fundraiser

Intro: We are doing a fundraiser here at our church BUT anyone can do this regardless if they are from here in LeSueur or not can do it and those monies will be sent here and then credited to their trip.

To get started follow the following Steps

Step 1. Go to the link provided and click the "JOIN NOW" tab and then begin the process of setting up an account.....

Step 2. Once you have an account, I then approve the account and beginning on 10/23 you will have a 45 day window to point people to place orders through Schwan's and our fundraising campaign. During that time, your account will be credited 20% for every purchase.

Step 3. Use the tools on your page on the flipgive page to invite others to buy through your account. 

____    Sign in to your account then go to the Checklist tab & ask friends and family to support you. Send to family, friends, long distance relatives and friends

____    Enter emails only (No names) Example –, (put comma after each email address.  Please create a personal message in the box.

____    Send out your emails!!

____    Take advantage of the social media tools built right in to flipgive

Here is a sample email to use

Sample Letter To Friends and Family (Please note the blank which requires your ID)

Schwan’s Cares Fundraiser 

Our youth group has decided to try the Schwan’s Cares Fundraiser this fall.  The money raised will be used to support events, retreats, summer camps and our Mexico Mission Trip. This fundraiser is currently going on.   The great thing about this fundraiser is that everything is done online.  We don’t touch money or the product.  Schwan’s delivery driver will be bringing your product right to your door!

As friends and family order Schwan’s products and gift certificates online a percentage comes back to our youth ministry.  Beginning October 23rd for the next 45 days we will receive 40% of all electronic gift certificates (e-certs) sold and 20% of all products sold.  After that, we receive 5% of all orders through the remainder of the year. 

Current and new customers are encouraged to go online to and find our campaign number 2608. Once you go there, please look for my personal fundraising ID __________ and then click on support now and begin to shop!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Step 4. if friends or family would rather shop via the phone, pass along to them that they can call 1-855-870-7208 or give them one of the fliers outside Pastor Mark's office

Here are the specifics of what was discussed at the meeting the other evening. Please note - One E-Certificate per household

Days 1-45 (High Yield Period)
  • Buy a $25 e-cert (electronic gift certificate) and 40% goes back to your school
o   1 per person per campaign----- Unavailable after day 45
o   Example: Mom and Dad each buy an e-cert….$20 goes to your school
  • Buy Schwan’s products and 20% goes back to your school

Day 46-365 (5% on product only)

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