Monday, December 9, 2013

SAVE ON Discount Card 2014 Fundraiser

Over the last three years we as a youth group have raised about $10,000 from the sales of the discount card we created. One of the things I loved in the past was that we had no third parties benefiting from the sale of the card but in order to take it to the next level, that’s what we are going to do this year.

We have signed a contract with a company who is taking our card and adding to it 10+ additional businesses from St Peter and Mankato. In addition, the deal that Radermacher’s gave 3 years ago is back in a revised form. (The Radermacher’s deal now is $5 off $50 of groceries once per month)
Having said all of that, I believe we are set up to do very well with this year’s card.

Here is how the card selling program works:
-          For every card your student sells, they will earn $7.
-          At the same time, the food shelf will be given a donation based off of our sales.
-          Each card will sell for $15.

In the past we have offered some sales incentives and we are again this year but those incentives will be different this year. The incentive of a $75 credit for any camp at IPOINT or towards the Mexico Mission Trip will be given to the top selling team of each blitz date. This means that there is $300 worth of credits to be won.

The two blitz dates are 1/25 and 2/22 from 9 am until 1 pm

Here are the rest of the details
-          1. Students will work in pairs on the blitz dates of one older and one younger and operate as a team as they sell. These pairs may change between blitz dates
-          2. All sales on the two blitz dates count towards the sales contest
-          3. All sales outside of those dates are welcome (no selling at Mall or Radermacher’s without talking to Mark)
-          4. The max allowed to sell will be the difference of what you need for your trip or the camp you plan to attend
-          5. Adults will be needed for each blitz date to move students around from neighborhood to neighborhood
-          6. Since its January students will need to dress warm and be prepared to be outside for a good portion of time. This makes having the adults drive that much more valuable
      7. Students can sell cards until March 31st

      If you are able to drive on either date, please let me know

Thanks so much
Pastor Mark

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